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Summer Dream in the USA

פורסם בתאריך 05/01/2010 ע"י רונן דרורי בקטגוריה חינוך | צפיות: 798 | התחבר לדירוג המאמר

תגיות המאמר: מחנה קיץ, מחנות קיץ, עבודה, שליחות, ארצות הברית, ארה"ב, חץ וקשת, בריכה, שחייה, דגמי מטוסים, ראש תחום ספורט, מדריכי מחשב

• A trip around the world – Have just gotten out of the army? Still don't know what to do? You have no money for a trip to South America? The summer work can be a the start of a trip around the world, and it is surly a life time experience. From a personal experience of a camper and a counselor - all you need is an attitude.
• An average summer camp in the USA is normally an enormous nature resort, usually with a big lake around which you will find wooden banks, an amphitheater for shows and sermons, lots of sports courts and training halls, a pool, a big dining room, and a lobby. Some have horses and riding rings, climb wall, water ski and all have a lot of green lawns.
• Simple and easy – have you ever taught tennis, soccer, football, gymnastics, dance or swimming? You may find work in any of the many fields, among them also horse riding, life saving, ceramics, art, dance, Kapuera, carpenter, and even if not: do you see yourself driving the little lawnmower? You can do a number of logistic jobs, like maintenance, driving, guarding, cooking, cleanning or babysitting.
• Summer Work and Travel – SWT is another type of J-1 Visa that the US state department may issue. This way young people from all over the world, when they are students, can come over to the United states of America and have a longer work and travel experience.
• Personal Experience – the writer of this article has been a camper in Kutz camp, upstate New York, to which he returned 4 more times as a lifeguard, trainter, and maintenance. It says it all, doesn't it...?

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